Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When Homeschoolers Visit

Last week a sweet couple and their four children came to visit. I was in the milking barn when they arrived but heard the squeals of excitement from across the farm. When I came out to greet our guests I was met with a flurry of children on the go - racing here and there to see it all in the first 5 minutes - from chickens to dogs to goats and back.

 Thankfully my husband was home and was able to begin the tour while I finished milking. As former homeschool parents ourselves we appreciate that most things can become a fun learning experience, especially Homestead Life. Prompted by the children's inquisitiveness, Bob began by giving a quick lesson about honeybees.

Then it was time to feed the baby goats

Next they all helped throw hay for the billies and then came to visit me in the milking stall

where they learned to milk a goat. They were very good at it too!
They fed the fish and gathered eggs.

And they remembered to leave one egg in every nest - a "seed egg".
We brought the milk into the house and made and ate Chevre - goat cheese on crackers with homemade strawberry jam.  It was yummy!

Now it was time to explore a little so Bob brought the adventurers down to the creek

where they cooled off while we moms visited in the AC.
Everyone enjoyed the reptiles: we have a Savannah Moniter, a Bearded Dragon and a Corn Snake.

Both Lucy and Dixie loved the children's attention AND the apple treats!

A quick lunch and then it was time to open the beehives.  We had to check to be sure a queen was released from her cage. She was, but we were unable to find her. It became apparent that she was not in the hive so we took a frame of eggs and brood and an already built queen cell from another hive and put it into the queenless hive.

Playing with bees is an incredible experience and how much more fun when you can do it without the traditional heavy, hot beesuit and veil!

I think Phil thoroughly enjoyed this! What a great smile!
He even got to point out the queen in another hive.

We had a wonderful day together! So much so that we're planning another get together next week. Though I have to admit, after our guests loaded up and headed home both Bob and I took a break, relaxed in our recliners, and fell fast asleep! There are times when I wonder how we managed to raise four children of our own!

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  1. So............do u still do that for home-schooled students :D ???