Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Good to be The Queen

For Mother's Day weekend my husband began by shoveling 8 loads of manure from the horse paddock - with two draft horses it really adds up fast! He fed all the animals and came to help me with milking chores.  He trimmed goat hooves

and burned horns.  He fixed fences and the hot water heater that had sprung a leak. He watered plants and toted feed bags. He made a speed run to the hardware store to pick up material to build my new garden house and spent the majority of the weekend doing just that.

Late Sunday afternoon we took a break and went to Hardees for a burger, done for the day. We had both given it our all and knew it was time to quit. Bob had to go to work in the morning after all, and he was exhausted.

But at dusk, on my way out to milk the goats, there he was...

And right now, at this minute, it looks like this...

It's good to be The Queen!


  1. We are blessed, March! Murray continued to lay brick, and loaded/unloaded 1/2 ton of sand. . . . and is still working on that ton of pea gravel.

    There's nothing more I could want. . . . yard materials and the labor to go with it.

    It looks like Bob is like Murray - taking a rest and still working! Like my daddy used to say: mechanicing in the shade WAS taking a rest!

    Happy Mom's Day!

  2. That's an amazing picture of his hands... and amazing to realize that G-d's hands are always at work for our good as well.

    Love you, friend!