Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Weekend We...

Mostly Bob, but I was right there for moral support and to do what I could!
                                                      * Opened all 20 hives...

               ...to inspect and get ready to transport to town for the 2nd honey flow

                                               * Made and canned zucchini salsa

                                              * Taught two range safety classes

* Finished the 2nd Gardenhouse and moved some of the potted tomato plants from here...

                                                               ... to here

                                 * Dug and planted 36 fence posts for larger paddock.

                                     * Made zucchini lasagna (with goat cheese!)

                                               * Put up 440 feet of fencing

                                             * Cleaned the fish filtration system

 * Built a temporary outdoor pen for the turkeys and moved them out of the house.   ...and it's a good thing too, because...

                                                     * the Guineas are hatching!

I think I'll take it easy today - I'm a little tired. Poor Bob has a 14 hour workday ahead of him -  I'll rest for him too.

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  1. Those baby guineas are so cute,I can't wait to see them!