Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Random Thoughts and Updates

*  I'm not sure why I decided to try to raise turkeys. From everything I've read they are very difficult to grow. Already we've lost two - one drowned and the other was crushed (I think - he was fine when we went to bed last night). The remaining three are still in the house in a round brooder - too easy to get caught in a corner and crushed in a square container. They seem to be doing fine. It must be because I'd like to have this walking around our farm one day!

*  We got 3 1/2 inches of rain this week! It's so nice not to have to water everyday!
*  The baby chicks have officially moved into their own pen outside. They were stinking too badly in the house and the weather is mild enough!
*  A homeschool family is coming to visit today. I'm very excited and have lots of fun things planned. Thankfully Bob will be home to expedite these plans because I'll be milking for a good bit of the time. Morning milking is taking 2 hours every day now.
*  Tomorrow is my birthday and Sunday is Mother's Day!  Do you know what that means?!!  That means that maybe this weekend we'll get the second gardenhouse built! And play with bees! And have dinner with my kids! And maybe I'll find time to work with the horses too - That would be the ULTIMATE weekend!
*  My gardenhouse is so maxed out there is not room for one more plant - and I haven't yet planted beans, squash or okra - it's killin' me!!
*  We FINALLY got all the honey boxes spun and out of the kitchen! I think we ended up with about 20 gallons of honey from spring titi! You'd be amazed how much honey a small bee box holds! Tonight Bob is bringing home 7 NUKS (small, starter hives with only 5 frames rather than a full sized 10 frame hive) and a swarm that we've had on a friend's property. Hopefully this coming week we'll take a trailer load of hives to put on tallow trees for the second honey flow.
*  I went for horse hay this week and saw Buttercup.

She still hasn't given any indication of going into estrus, so the consensus is that she was bred in March. She'll stay a little longer at Jim's - he has lovely pasture where she can graze. We live in the sandhills and are still in the process of clearing land to plant pasture.

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