Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Random Thougths and Updates

* There's nothing more frustrating than running out of room in your garden and having more things to plant!
* The chickens have eaten the wax covering the shiitake mushrooms. Twice. Bob put up a fence around the logs yesterday - I'll have to replant and re-wax.
* Twin bucklings were born on Sunday. The mom took one and left the other. I'm bottle feeding him.

* First snake in the chicken coop this year
* I've weaned the 8 oldest baby goats down to 1/2 bottle twice a day.
* In an effort to use what we have - I put a swimming pool ladder in the garden to use as a trellis for spaghetti squash - unsightly though it may be.
* Ready for beehives. When we bring the trailer of 11 hives back to the farm we'll split each one into a second hive

* Incubator up to temp - check. Eggs - check. T-minus 28 days

* I'm ready for a chicken kill! Those stinkin' things took the protective wire off the top of my potato buckets and ate every leaf on my plants!  We'll see if the potatoes survive. I'm not sure the chickens will!

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