Friday, April 6, 2012

An Invitation

I've been thinking that we are not the only ones with this vision. That there is a stirring going on - a premonition - a recognition that change is coming. That it might be advantageous to begin to learn the ways of our ancestors who planted gardens, raised chickens and drank milk with cream on the top. Not only for our health, but out of a futuristic necessity. We believe that it is not too late to begin. I understand that many of you may not know exactly where to start? How to begin? What to do first?

  Let me offer this invitation. Come visit our farm. Come see what we do here, come share our vision and see what we've learned, hear about the mistakes we've made and get some hands on experience.
  Spend a few hours, spend a day, spend the weekend. One of our future plans is to build living quarters for guests. Right now we have camping space, a set of bunk beds in the kitchen, and a couch and a lazy boy - which I have fallen asleep in many times, believe me! They are available if you'd like to come spend a weekend.
  We are not a pristine, "Southern Living" farm - we have neither the money nor the manpower. We are a hobby farm, a working homestead, and Bob and I would like to invite you to come experience interactive HOMESTEAD LIFE.

Our goal here is to learn and teach all we can to become more self-sustaining in these tough economic times. We believe that things are not going to get better and the more prepared we are the more comfortable we will be as times change.
  We've learned that in bygone times the people who lived on farms like ours never had much money but did have the basic necessities of life. There was always food  to eat, plenty to do and it was never hard to fall asleep at night.

Here at the farm there is always something that needs:
Did I mention FEEDING?!

Every weekend is an opportunity to get dirty and learn something new.  For example, this weekend our plans include:
* Building and painting bee boxes
* Removing honey boxes from the beehives - which means it's time to spin honey.
* Splitting the hives at dusk and moving them back to the farm. 
* Worming goats and horses, and
* Burning horns - just to name a few of the most pressing needs.

We are located in Northwest Florida and you can reach us at
We look forward to your visit!

PS  Is this not Ridiculous!?


  1. Thanks for letting us spend the morning with you! We learned so much about disbudding goats and about honey bees. We had an amazing time! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. You are so welcome - ANY TIME! It was so nice meeting you and your beautiful family. Thanks for your help!

  3. Wow, just love you and your website, have made it my homepg for now til I finish reading up on all your articles. We have a hobby farm here in Bradenton/Sarasota area. Planning now to begin developing permaculture ideas for our newly aquired 10 acres in our 9b.Much to learn. Look forward to your website every morning!