Sunday, April 1, 2012

Homestead Life Can Be Unpredictable

It rained yesterday. Glorious, wonderful rain. All day - well, almost all day. I wasn't counting on rain; the weather report (and I look up the weather forecast everyday!) said there was a 50% chance of rain, and for me, 50%  may as well be no rain at all. But it did and I had other plans. Big plans. Plans to work with bees. Plans to look into all our hives and assess and prepare for next weekend when Bob will be home. Plans to take the honey boxes off the hives and get ready to spin honey. The first spring flow is done - it's time to get ready for the next, but playing with bees is not something you want to do in the rain. It's alright though. We've needed rain. It's been weeks since the last rain and the fields and orchards and gardens and grasses and ponds and lakes and aquifers needed it. After the drought we had here last summer, and owning animals that are dependent on grass feed, I am acutely aware of the lack of rain. I pray for rain regularly for my hay farmers.
  No, I didn't get to mess with the bees, but the day wasn't a total wash. I did get some desperately needed housekeeping done, and in between the raindrops we planted raspberry bushes and decided to break out, clean out, plug in the incubator and to try something new (stay tuned) - imagine that!

And then, of course there was this... #17

Which is not unusual when the barometric pressure drop and there's ...rain.

PS -  Mom and baby are both just fine!

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  1. lovely Marcy! Boy or girl? I agree, thank God for the rain, we definitely need it for grass pastures and for gardens . It was a welcome sight here.