Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Random Thoughts and Updates

* THE BOY SCOUTS ARE COMING! THE BOY SCOUTS RE COMING! my battle-cry right now and a prime motivator. This weekend the Boy Scouts are holding a Camporee in which many local troops get together to camp. This year they will be pitching tents just outside our gate in the park that borders our farm. My son is Senior Patrol Leader of one of the local troops so I have no doubt that there will be scouts wandering in to visit our homestead all weekend long. I don't mind - I welcome it. After all, our dream is to one day have a teaching farm, so I have LOTS of projects lined up: tomato plants to be re-potted, all the pineapples moved out of the greenhouse,

 container plants needing fresh compost, mushrooms to be replanted, baby goats to be fed, honey to be spun, bonfires to burn... BRING ON THE BOY SCOUTS!
*  Eggs should be hatching sometime this weekend
*  We're going to a Legends and Lore exhibit at a nearby State Park today. A friend is giving demonstrations of historic, period correct Civil War era camp and trail cooking. I'm sure there will be many lost and forgotten arts and trades from the past displayed.
*  4 new baby goats were born this week - another mama due to kid today
*  I ordered more cheesemaking supplies yesterday

Do you know what that means?! That means for the next week I don't have to water the fruit trees, the blueberries and the grapes - just the greenhouse and the garden - Oh happy day!

* I'm am so thankful I raked all the leaves out of the swimming pool BEFORE it rained - what a mess that would have been!

*  Must keep my eyes open for standing water in things around the farm and dump them. We don't want mosquitos!

* I made an appointment with the equine dentist for Dixie - she'll be here next week. (this is Lucy)


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