Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Random Thoughts and Updates

Lots of exciting happenings around the homestead this week!

*  Baby chicks hatched in the incubator this week. A total of 9. About a 50% hatching rate. That's ok, I only put them in because the incubator was on to hatch something else...Stay tuned!
The cool thing about home hatched chicks is that they are absolutely silent. Not a peep. They haven't gone through the trauma of shipping and travel so they are content and quiet. I literally have to remind myself to check on them throughout the day - typically store bought chicks make alot of noise!

*  Second swarm of the season successfully captured. It was dark by the time Bob got home from work and I was busy milking goats so I didn't document the process this time. Just the results.

*  I'm still transplanting tomatoes (I have about 10 more to go), and ginger.
*  We're still spinning honey. Yes, the kitchen is crowded with a centrifuge and 9 honey boxes waiting to be spun. Did you ever read the book Rascal? One of the few things that I remembered about that story was that the dad was building a canoe in the living room. Reminds me of us!

*  Wormed all the goats  

*  On Sunday the Boy Scouts helped us bring all the pineapple plants out of the greenhouse. Our plan is now to begin working on an aquaponics system using the fish water from the tilapia pool.
At 5:00 am Tuesday morning the temperature was 36 degrees! Not Happy Pineapples!
Several years ago I did the same thing and brought the plants out of the greenhouse way past the last freeze date of March 24, and then we had two nights of temps in the teens! All my pineapples froze (about 15) and I swore I'd never take them out of the greenhouse again until May.

See what happens?! (But how could I pass up help from the scouts?!)
No worries - they made it and it's warm again.

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