Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Manifesto

Ok, so I'm a little late. What else is new? I saw this idea yesterday and I've been pondering it since. Writing my intentions for summer fun is really difficult for me, mostly because my children are grown - not that they don't thoroughly enjoy doing things together now, but because as a homeschool mom, one of the joys of my life was planning fun things to do with (little) kids. Now I'm beginning to realize... I'm tired. Planning events for the pure joy of watching the glee on my kids' faces has lost some of its appeal now that they're in their late teens and older. The beach doesn't hold the excitement it once did. Unearthing long lost broken seashells searching together for the perfect sandollar or walking miles to find an exquisite Scotch bonnet is no longer appealing. I'm afraid the years of blowing bubbles in the wind, flying kites, bicycle parades, lemonade stands, and slip n slides have passed (at least until GRANDKIDS!)  I'm afraid I'm beginning to confuse summer fun with work accomplished around the farm. I'm exchanging a day on the beach for the building of a turkey coop - a day on the river for a round pen to train horses. I'm afraid I'm getting old. HMMM... FORGET THAT NONSENSE!
So even though I'm a little late (actually, SUMMER only officially began 10 days ago - though in Florida it feels more like summer is waning - these past unusually cool mornings have a hint of fall in them! Ha! Wishful thinking!)  Wait, wasn't I talking of a SUMMER manifesto?! Let's get back on track!
Here it is. My plan for enjoying this summer. My intent not to let the summer of 2012 pass without fanfare and glory. Here's what I purpose do this summer....  (Some things I already have)


* Pick strawberries
 * Go to the beach more than once!
* Take the kids out for ice cream
* Make smoothies
* Try 3 new recipes
* Pick blueberries

* Make salsa

* Have a glass of wine by the fire
* Reclaim the scraproom
* Snorkel
* Enter the watermelon eating contest on July 4th
* Plan a neighborhood BBQ in the park
* Make jam(s)

* Ride more
* Go to the Fourth of July parade and watch the fireworks
* Read my camera manual again
* Start fall seeds on time
* Lay in the yard and look at the stars
* Eat corn on the cob
* Make frozen yogurt / ice cream
* Make soap
* Start walking again
* Go to Morrison Springs
* Enjoy the swimming pool
* Live with purpose

What will you do this summer?

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