Wednesday, June 13, 2012

National Weed Your Garden Day

Can you believe it? It's true. Today is National Weed Your Garden Day, and it couldn't have come at a better time! In the north I know that your gardens are just starting to kick in and it's probably not so bad, but here, down south, we're getting to the end of many plants' ability to withstand heat, and the weeds are starting to take over - I'm afraid I'm the worst about weeding. I love to start seedlings, till, plant, and water,  but when it comes time to harvest and weed, I fall short. Thankfully, I love a challenge, and today is the day! 

This is what some of my boxes look like right now:

Actually, it's not all that bad.  Yesterday I started clearing one of the beds - a premonition perhaps? and I planted 4 pitiful hot pepper plants.

and the rest of the gardenhouse looks like this right now

So now, thanks to National Weed Your Garden Day, I'm off to do just that.  I may even get a few plants in the ground too!

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