Friday, March 9, 2012

When Life Gives You an Old Bag of Potatoes Hiding in the Back of the Cabinet... PLANT IT!

                               Ever find one of these lost in the back of a cool, dark cabinet?

Or bought a bag that you never quite got around to using?  Don't throw them away... PLANT THEM!

Here's How:
   *  Plant potatoes two weeks before the last approximate freeze date of 28 degrees. Now sounds like a good time to me!
   * Prepare your container: large plant pot, 5 gallon bucket, large garbage bag. Be sure the container you use has adequate drainage.
   * Fill container with 2-3 inches of soil
   * Using a sharp knife, cut pieces of the potato approx 2 inches square containing 2 eyes (the little growths on the potato). Allow to dry for a day or two to prevent rot. I didn't.
   * Place your potato pieces into the soil

   *  Rule of thumb is 4 seed potatoes (or pieces) for each 5 gallon bucket. Mine is probably overkill - too many plants . We'll see.
   * Cover with 2-4 inches of soil.
   * Water well. Remember that container plants need more water than garden plants. They dry out more quickly.
   * When the plant has grown approx 4-5 inches above the soil, bury the plant again so that just the tops of the greens are showing. New potatoes will grow each time you add more dirt.
   * Continue adding soil as the plant grows until your container is full.
   * Potatoes typically grow for 6-8 weeks. When the leaves turn yellow and the plant dies back you can harvest your potatoes. Just dump your container.
   * Store your homegrown potatoes in a cool, dry place. Just remember they're there. (Or use them for your next planting ;)

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  1. Awesome...I usually have a few of these laying around! Lol