Monday, March 26, 2012

Ketchup Day

It's ketchup day today. Time to catch up on all the projects we began and all the other projects that were neglected this weekend. Though Friday got off to a slow start, we pushed HARD Sat and Sun. Lots of fun projects, lots of accomplishments. It is so exciting to see things coming together on the farm.

This is my husband's long week. That means he'll be working no less than 70 hours at his job from now until Sunday night. That means that I'll be Lone Rangering for the most part of this week. That's ok though, there are a million things I can do. We have a big building project in the works, a planting project I can work on, a repair project, the swimming pool looks like this:

  I've gotta go pick up a roll of rye and oats hay for my goats - I'll be using that to try to supplement the Perrineal Peanut hay until cutting time (which isn't until May/June).  There's watering, and cleaning, bottle feeding and laundry.  Which reminds me - I'm late for an appointment with my friend, Mary Freeman who is going to teach me to make homemade laundry soap today - stay tuned!

Not to mention we've decided to host a Passover Seder at our house in town in less than two weeks, so I'm blowing the dust off my guitar and getting in tune to worship The Lamb who was slain that the angel of Death might PASS OVER...

Oh, and yesterday....

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  1. Gotta ask...your friend Mary Freeman, was her husband ever in the Air Force. I knew a Mary Freeman at one of our bases.