Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Random Thoughts and Updates

  * We need rain - haven't had any in weeks
  * It's way too hot for this time of year. The Gulf temperature is already 73.9 degrees. I'm concerned about the possibility of hurricanes this summer!
  *Now would be a good time to break out the generator and tune up. Hmmm - future blog!
  * Would you believe that the chickens are picking all the wax covering my shiitake holes!? I'll have to tarp as I go and then run chicken wire around the wood lot. You didn't think I was finished planting yet did you?!
  * After using everything from rope to dog collars to secure the gate into the milking/feed area, I found that a carabiner is the ultimate lock - especially since it can be opened with one hand!

  * Passover begins one week from today at sunset!
  * I haven't seen fruit growing on my nectarine and peach trees. Because the winter was so mild they flowered in December. In January we had two nights of temps in the teens. That's all - the rest of the winter the nighttime temperatures stayed above freezing. I'm afraid those two nights may have destroyed all our fruit for the year.
  * Remember when I said "Pick it before it bolts?" I didn't quite get around to it then, but my wonderful husband picked it this morning and brought a pan of greens in to his work both yesterday and today. You see, I love preparing the gardens. I love planting the seeds and plants. I love watering and watching everything grow. But when it comes time to harvest... I'm done. I just don't feel like it. It's too much like work. Isn't that bizarre?

  * I found a hay ring - and just in time too. When I got home with it Dixie was standing in the middle of the temporary hog panel hay ring in a bit of a predicament. I freed her and rolled the hog wire out of the paddock. It took me an hour to drive the 45 miles home with it. This is what i looked like coming down the road:

And on a final note:  Thank-you for all your kind words and condolences about Maude. I'm keeping a keen eye on the rest of my flock - worming this weekend and watching the pregnant does carefully. Maude's baby is doing great! Healthy, happy - surrounded by 12 other little cousins to play with and THREE surrogate Rottweilers who delight in keeping both his front and rear clean!

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