Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Random Thoughts and Updates

  * My sweet potatoes aren't sprouting as quickly as I'd like. I moved them out on the porch during the day.
  * Started the first roll of hay in our NEW hay net Sunday night. The last roll lasted 18 days - with at least one day's worth wasted on the ground.
  * Our daily temperatures have been 20 degrees above normal for this time of year - all week!
  * I heard the bug sprayer making the rounds Monday night. I'll need to keep that in mind when we go to check on our hives this weekend.
  * If I ever jump out of an airplane again I won't need a parachute - just give me chain link fencing and some bungee cords - they'll catch on anything!
  * Why paint cardboard yellow for catching  whiteflies when you can use bright yellow cardstock? Too easy!

  * Bob is off this weekend and we have LOTS of projects in mind - things like planting and  building, burning and bees. Oh, and inoculation.

Now why would we be hosing this woodpile?

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