Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Invasion

Two nights ago my daughter woke up around midnight to find a man standing in her bedroom doorway watching her while she slept. His shirt was off and he was holding it in his hand.  She yelled at him and he slowly backed out the door gently closing it behind him.  She immediately called me and then went into the main house - her bedroom is part of a 1300 sq ft addition my husband built on to the back of our three bedroom house in town. My son was home and he went out into the backyard to scout around.  The police were then called but when they came they didn't really give the situation the seriousness and attention I feel it deserved. No fingerprints were taken, even though the intruder had shut the door behind him; only a report was filed. That's all.  Yesterday I spoke to a police officer friend and was given advice.  My son and daughter found a path in the backyard under her bedroom window and the police were re summoned.  This time they were accompanied by a detective who was quite irritated that the first call officers had not taken photographs, had not dusted for fingerprints and had not noticed the path down the side of the house that the stranger had obviously been using.  It was determined that he has been using this trail regularly and has probably been watching her for some time.  I can't describe how that thought makes my stomach churn and my skin crawl.  I want him caught. I don't want my daughter to fear living in her own home. To be afraid to go to sleep at night. To be afraid to be alone. To wonder whether she's being watched, or if he knows where she works. I feel that we have been violated to the utmost degree. Defiled.  And knowing that he is still out there is frightening.
  Here, in our country, we have the freedom to protect and defend ourselves from people who mean us harm.  I would have never thought that this type of situation would touch our lives.  Things like this only happen to other people and are rare and obscure. But now I know that is so untrue.  We live in a world that is growing cold hearted  and more dangerous every day. The news is full of stories of sick and twisted events and the people who commit them, and I have been brutally awakened to the reality that no one is immune from it and them.
  That is why it is so vitally important that we do not lose our second ammendment right to keep and bear arms.
Here's the thing. I hold policemen in the highest of regards, and appreciate what they do everyday, but the police do not prevent crime. Typically they are called to "the scene of the crime."  They investigate and  attempt to catch and arrest the perpetrator, but the crime has already been committed.  I agree that it's important that we secure our fencing, put up motion dectectors and otherwise light up the dark areas around our house, keep our doors locked and now even install alarms. (How dare we have to live this way because an uninvited sicko violated our privacy, and now, forever, our lives!)  On the other hand, what will this do? Without his capture this will only move him on to predate upon another innocent victim.

Second amendment rights are only privileges if not put in use. Being prepared, practiced and safe in the use of firearms requires some money, time and effort. Commitment falls in there as well. As Spiderman once said, "With great power comes great responsibility"
I have a Conceal Carry Permit. I am comfortable with guns and practice, probably not as often as I should, but I never exercise my right.  I know now that that is foolish.  It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Simply having the right to bear arms can be incentive enough to keep predators at bay. Losing that right could open the floodgates of aggravated crime as it has in other countries. In the early years of World War 2 Japanese Admiral Yamamoto once said that invading the United States would be impossible, or at least very costly. From his experience of attending higher education in the U.S. he became aware that, unlike Japan, American citizens exercised their right to keep firearms in the home, thus multiplying the danger to an invading force.
  A home assailant would probably seek an easier target if he knew that the persons in the home were armed and able to defend themselves. Keeping and maintaining the ability to accurately use firarms is paramount in continuing to have a free and safe society
  I would urge you to become familiar and comfortable with firearms.  A safety course with a knowlagable instructor is essential.

 Thank you for praying for my daughter - for her safety and her peace of mind.

*  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.   1 Peter 5:8

To read more about where to go for gun safety classes see my article HERE


  1. UGH! Has anything further come of this? How is your daughter doing? Just sick.

  2. Marcy, Robin Bills here, we have noticed several people living in the woods behind the houses on Lanny Lane, Bob from the corner said that he has also noticed someone opening and staying inside Mary's garage around 1am. And we have the police combing the neighborhood. I call them when ever I notice things. Also, if you shoot anyone, make sure they are inside your home, or if they are outside, drag them inside then call the police, otherwise if isn't self defense. I have had two men around my house trying to come inside, I shot a warning shot, they left. I have also had someone break in during the day, when the cars weren't around, thinking no one was home, I grabbed a cane/sword and quickly escorted him out, then called the cops, he was arrested and found out he was working with other young people committing a small crime wave around our neighborhood. It's unfortunate to hear about your daughter, I do hope she is fine and well. But the time for open or unlocked houses is a thing of the past. We even have extra locks on our doors you can't open from the outside. Also, if you have double doors, drill a hole in the middle of both for a nail, this will keep people from entering, the nail will hold both doors closed and can't be removed from the outside. Place a pencil on each end of a window inside the track, so only you can remove it and it will stop an intruder from opening a window, even if they happen to slide a knife through the lock. They would have to break a window, which will get the police to do more on the intrusion. We have three double doors and several windows that I wouldn't trust to keep an intruder out, so these are some tricks that I use, without paying for an expensive home alarm system. A bolt holder, above your regular front door locks, that only you can open and lock, will help with any intruders breaking in through your regular door locks. Or using floor to ceiling locks on the doors, they wouldn't figure you having those. Just trying to help with hints. I hope they help some. Thanks again, Robin Bills, your neighbor.